UPDATE: Documentary film project

As a Board Member of the Poston Community Alliance and the producer for a documentary film, "For the Sake of the Children", I would like to share with news about our very exciting project that we are embarking on.

"For the Sake of the Children" is a 20 minute film looking at the impact that the Japanese-American internment had on how mothers raised their children during their incarceration and after.  
The film also looks at the impact that the internees' parenting had on their children and on the generations that followed -- in particular the challenges, struggles and circumstances that individuals from each subsequent generation have faced in shaping, integrating and accepting their identities as Japanese-Americans.  
Here is a link to our work-in-progress: 
Password:  mother

We are looking to talk to the following individuals for this project:

1. Nisei women who gave birth to children while at camp or who raised children up to the age of 12
2. Sansei women and men who were born while at camp or who were children up to the age of 12 while at camp
3. Yonsei women and men whose grandmothers were internees
4. Gosei women whose great grandmothers were internees.

If you or members of your family would like to talk to us, we would love to talk to you. And if you know of someone who you think might be interested have them get in touch with us at:

Poston Community Alliance
956 Hawthorne Dr.
Lafayette, CA 94549

I can be reached by e-mail at postonalliance1@gmail.com

With best regards,
Marlene Shigekawa

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