Progress report

     Our project manager, Marlene Shigekawa traveled to Poston, Arizona this week for a site visit to view our current stabilization efforts of the Poston 1 Elementary School adobe classrooms.  

     She writes, "It's exciting to see the progress we are making. "

     In fact, Marlene has been to Poston twice in the last month and had meetings with various Colorado River Indian Tribe Departments: Planning, Historic Preservation, and Wildland Fires to clear the brush. 

                     Our preservation architect, Barbara Darden with our contractors. 

                                               Classroom stabilization work has begun!

                                      Barbara Darden, our preservation architect

               Photo credit: Marlene Shigekawa for the Poston Community Alliance


What a great photo find!

Thank you to Dana Yamashita for sharing this photo. 

 Dana writes, "I don't know if I have my dad correctly identified - but if you're looking at the picture he's the 2nd from the left...and his sister is 5th from right - Kanshi Stanley Yamashita and Iku Yamashita. Their parents were Kiyoo and Kikue and they had a younger brother Tetsuo, who was about 10."

Signatures of some of the people which was on the back side of the photo.