Oral History Video

The War Years-Poston, Arizona (Click on the title, The War Years..."  to play the video.

    Born in San Diego, Joseph Yamada was evacuated to the Santa Anita Assembly Center and then incarcerated at the Poston camp 3 in the Arizona desert, where he met his future wife.  
  Many years later, he studied landscape architecture at University of California, Berkeley.  For over 50 years as San Diego grew and expanded,  Yamada was instrumental in providing landscape design for many of the landmark sites including Sea World, Seaport Village, Embarcadero Marina Park, the La Jolla Village Plaza and Scripps Institute of Oceanography. In addition, he did campus planning for 20 years at the University of California, San Diego and numerous other campus projects. Yamada was made a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects in 1979.

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