Yasukochi Family

     Around 1908, the Yasukochi family started farming in Orange County.  They were drawn to the San Luis Rey River area with the mild climate and finally settled to farm in Oceanside in 1929.
      Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor and World War II, the Yasukochi family abruptly left their farming operation.  They were evacuated to the Poston Relocation Center in Arizona along with over 17,000 other people of Japanese ancestry living in the Pacific states at the time. In Poston,  they lived at block 37-7-D.  Their business associates and friends watched over their farming operation while they were incarcerated.
     After being released from Poston, Taisuke and Fred Yasukochi and their families  returned to the farming operation until 1968.  Following his dream, Taisuke Yasukochi began growing carnations in Encinitas, California, while Fred Yasukochi became president of the Las Palmas Chile company in Ventura, California.

Source: http://yasukochifamilyfarms.com/aboutus.aspx

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