P/S: "... Poston's Past"

At the recent Poston III reunion, I was unable to recall the circumstances of the three cases of UNauthorized prisoner leave from camp. 

Here they are:

Case 1.  July 11, 1944.  56 year old male, despondent. Disappeared into the desert. Body not recovered. No family members.

Case 2. Sept 30,1944. 35 year old male. Stabbed and murdered a 15 year old girl. He escaped into the desert. He was not apprehended. No family members.

Case 3.  Nov 17, 1945. 80 year old male.  Described as having "senility" and "generally feeble".  Disappeared from the Poston I Hospital. No  family members.  Was believed to have wandered off into the desert.  The medical authorities indicated he would not survive long. His body was not recovered.

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