Review: Passing Poston

Passing Poston

By: Justine Lee
Directed by Joe Fox and James Nubile

Passing Poston focuses on the Poston Relocation Center in the Arizona desert, one of 10 internment camps used during World War II. Japanese and Japanese American internees were sent to Poston, unbeknownst to them, to cultivate the land for thousands of Colorado River Tribe Indians. The documentary unravels history through four former internees: Ruth Okimoto, Kiyo Sato, Leon Uyeda and Mary Higashi. All four express their initial shock and humiliation which, after Poston, evolved into anger and a desire to reconcile their identities as Americans. Okimoto's unease leads her to discover that she and thousands of Poston internees provided the groundwork for the Colorado River Indian community, which still exists. After a visit to Poston, Okimoto leaves peaceful knowing that the Japanese suffering gave another minority group the opportunity to prosper. Okimoto's calm contrasts Uyeda's moving admission that only death can settle his feelings of isolation. The stories reveal human vulnerability and strength while reminding us that there are countless other stories to be told. - Justine Lee


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