Poston Artifacts

Since we currently do not have a museum to publicly display Poston artifacts, pictures of the recent donations we received are being posted here for your viewing.

Photo: Large trunk belonging to the K. Oda family, formerly from Dinuba, CA. Donated by Mrs. Rose Oda.

Photo: Two wooden crates owned by the K. Oda family. Donated by the Mrs. Rose Oda.

Photo: 1945 Campus Echoes yearbook from the Parker Valley High School. Donated by L. (Nagata) Kiyomoto.

W. Wade Head, was born in Eldorado, Arkansas, and employed with the Bureau of Indian Affairs as an Area Director for many years. He served as the Project Director of the Poston Relocation Center (aka the Colorado River Relocation Center) from 1942-1944. He died on January 25, 1997 at the age of 89 years.

Photo: Two hand-made gifts from the Poston internees to W. Wade Head. The desk was constructed from mahogany. The hand-carved buddha figure is thought be made from local mesquite wood. Donor: Bill Head, son of W. Wade Head.

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