Poston Elementary School Site stabilization meeting

Pictures from today's all-day brainstorming meeting in uptown Oakland.

                      Special guest, Barbara Darden, Preservation Architect, 
                                              Scheuber & Darden Architects
                   Our project site: Poston Elementary School Buildings

   Brainstorming ideas on how to improve your next visit

         Reviewing the effects of the weather on each of the remaining structures
            Developing a list of the unique historical issues pertaining to Poston

                  Reviewing the fire damage in a few of the buildings

                             Prioritizing future individual projects

                Determining what work needs to be done to the grounds

  Using the experience & expertise of a qualified preservation architect

                           Planning for the future exhibits and displays

                         Ultimate goal: Improving your next visit to the shared 
                     desert home called Poston...

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