Seeking descendants of Shigemi & Chizuko Uyeda...

Updated: 4/21/15 Family relative has been found!

Received this message on Facebook  from our friends 
at the Minidoka Pilgrimage Planning Committee:

Apr 19th, 3:16pm

     Was wondering if anyone is familiar with this Poston family.... Shigemi and Chizuko Uyeda [Poston block 19]... They were from Lancaster CA... Son Theodore passed in 1991 in San Diego. Has two daughters names unknown right now... 
     The Rago Auction protest has brought a cool item of of hiding.... A photography trophy from 1925 to who we believe to be Shigemi. It was awarded from Iwata business... I know possessions from prewar times are rare and Shigemi would go on to being a well known early CA Nikkei photographer.... The person who has it would like it returned to the family. Thanks if you can help. Any contact help would be appreciated.

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Grandaughter said...

Hello Friends,
I am one of the grandchildren from the well known CA Nikkei photographer, Shigemi Uyeda. His daughter and eldest son were in Poston with him. Someone apparently has contacted one of my younger cousins about this photography trophy from 1925. If you need to reach me you may email me at: