REUNION, Anyone?

Are you interested in attending 
the next Poston REUNION?

 Family, friends, and kids are welcome!

 Lots of helpers are needed.  Post your reply on "comments" below.


mcdiana said...

When is your next reunion?

Diana Chiyo McCabe

Matthew Takeda said...

When will it be?

Dianne said...

The idea of having a *Legacy* Reunion is in the very EARLY stages of talk. MANY volunteers are needed to help with planning for this event, which will be sometime in the Fall of 2015........ we hope.
If you would like to be on the e-mail list, leave your email address.

sel said...

Hello! My father lived in block 306. His name was Takahiro Togo Nakano. My granddaughter is helping me do research on Camp Poston in hopes of finding information about my father's time there. We found your webiste tonight and would like to be included on your e-mail list. Please add our email addresses:

Thank you!