Misako (Ishii) Shigekawa, 103

January 2, 1909 – October 31, 2012

Misako Shigekawa was recently filmed for the documentary – For the Sake of the Children – featuring Poston’s mothers and descendants.  She was born in Los Angeles on January 2, 1909 and was the oldest of 6 children whose parents were Nui and Rinsaburo Ishii.  Her parents came to the U.S. from Japan in 1899.  She graduated from Citrus High School and the University of Southern California’s School of Pharmacy in 1930. 

While living on Terminal Island before World War II, she owned a drug store and served as the local pharmacist. In the 1930’s, she served as the president of the Terminal Island chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League. She married Kiyoshi Shigekawa in June 1941 before they were relocated to the Poston Internment Camp in Arizona.  

Misako with Marlene and Gerald at Poston, Arizona
  While in camp, she gave birth to her children, Gerald Shigekawa and Marlene Shigekawa.  After the war, she returned to Anaheim where she worked as a pharmacist for several years before retiring from Santa Ana Community Hospital in the mid 60’s.

She is survived by: her brother, William Ishii; three children, Gerald, Marlene and Linda; her grandchild, Quincy Misako Shigekawa Godin; and many nieces and nephews.

Memorial donations may be sent to the Poston Community Alliance, 956 Hawthorne Dr., Lafayette, CA 94549.   

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