Time is Running Out.....Deadline May 15, 2012

Help Us Bring Back this Barrack!

     A few years ago, a local Parker, Arizona resident, Virginia Ramsey donated an original two-tiered roofed Poston barrack. This is considered a historic structure, since it was used primarily for storage by Ms. Ramsey, and is close to its original state.  
     Currently, the Poston Community Alliance, Inc.  is trying to return the barrack to the Camp 1 restoration site.
     The barrack is located 15 miles away from the site, in the town of Parker, Arizona.  Moving the deteriorating barrack is a difficult task. The U.S. National Park Service requires hiring a consultant to help develop a "moving" plan, and the barrack first must be physically stabilized before the move can begin.
More Funding Sources Needed
     An additional $10,000 is needed to stabilize the barrack.  The restoration project site has been recommended to be a "National Historic Landmark" and is currently awaiting approval from the Secretary of the Interior.
     The U.S. National Park Service grant’s deadline for raising the funds to return the barrack to Poston is May 15, 2012.
We hope that the families are interested in our project and want to help us to ensure that future generations will be able to see the ‘remaining’ structures of Poston which were constructed by the hands and labor of our Issei and Nisei. 
We cannot let this important evidence of the camps be neglected and destroyed by erosion and time.

Help us save this Poston barrack and move it back to Poston camp 1.

Send your "tax-deductible" donations to: 
Marlene Shigekawa, Treasurer
Poston Community Alliance
956 Hawthorne Dr.
Lafayette, CA 94549
Deadline:  May 15, 2012

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