More of Gene Isao Sogioka's Painted Camp Scenes

"The Strike-WRA Officer With Whip"
"The FBI Took Him Away"
"The Unfriendly Pay Master"

"Violence with Hammer and Woman In Red"
"Mr Nosey Listens At the Campfire"

"Acts of Violence on Mr. Kido"

"Mr Kido Strikes Back"
"Victims Identify Their Attacker"

"The Accusers"

"WRA Words of Encouragement"
"Man in Yellow Shirt Signs"

"Running Man In Red-Ready For Violence"

"Red Shirt Caught By Police"
"WRA Officers Hear About Enlisted Man's Attack"
""WRA Officer and Trouble With the Workers"


Anonymous said...

The artists unique painting style portraying events at camp are priceless.

Theo said...

These images are so moving...

Anonymous said...

I love the style...it's soft but impactful imagery and feelings emerge in each depiction of a horrible time that should not have occurred. It's a shame that what is a wonderful thing in life....the differences in cultures...cannot be appreciated. "Different" to some spawns hatred. I don't and won't ever get that. A well-travel person is much less likely to be prejudicial and hateful of differences b/c they have seen the beauty of it in the Lands of what are humans living their way...and the differences are not "real" but imagined by those who cannot accept this is "their" way, as normal and good as ours, even if the colors are different.