Family Legacy Poston Reunion 2011

Poston Restoration Project Display Table

Thomas (18-2-A) and Masaru (220-12-A) browsing the Poston Chronicles

Hand carved wooden bird pins was a familiar pasttime
1st  assignment upon arrival to Poston--stuff your sack with straw for your mattress.
Old black and white photos of the Poston camp days
Thanks to whoever brought the camp I High School yearbook
Honoring the World War II Nisei veterans
Poston Restoration Project photo albums
Looking up Poston  arrival and departure information
She found her family barrack
Adding missing names and information
Taking a video to capture the information
Looks like they found their relatives barrack
He found his barrack
Taking four bus loads of people and many cars following behind
Loading up the buses for the tour out to Poston
Arrival at the Poston Memorial Monument
Ruby & Bob came a long way to visit

Visiting the Poston Elementary School Unit I site
So this is Poston unit I
Former internees recall their experiences
Poston---the common bond
Recalling the times
Over 500 in attendance
Rev. Paul Nagano, former internee
Kiyo Sato
Head Contractor Ted Kobata
Caring for Our Poston Legacy
Photos courtesy of Bob Iwamasa

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