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 UC Riverside

     Paul Murai, owner-M&M Ranch, was born in Texas in 1946, and a third-generation Japanese-American farmer.  During World War II the Motoi Murai family was interned in Poston, Arizona (block 13-8-C). Following their release in September 1945, the Murai family resettled in Natalia, Texas. 
     When Paul was 2 years old, his family moved to Santa Ana and started a farm growing row crops. As a child, Paul worked on the farm. He attended California State University, Long Beach and is a graduate of the California Agricultural Leadership Education Program. He returned to his family farm in 1968 to work full time.
     During the next 25 years he helped transform the business into a 200-acre entity with growing, packing, cooling and shipping operations. In 1993 he started his own 100-acre farm in Irvine, where he raises strawberries and row crop vegetables.
     He is a member of the California Strawberry Commission and has served for four years on the California Tomato Commission, and past president of the Orange County Farm Bureau.

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