CA. Dept of Ed Stds

Currently, the California Department of Education, (CDE), through their Social Studies Standards Department has required the inclusion of the history of the Japanese American incarceration experience in 3 grade levels:

1.   4th Grade California History studies include a section of the Japanese American experience as over 2/3 of the individuals incarcerated during World War II were from the State of California.

2.   10th Grade Government-The Japanese American experience is included in the discussion of civil rights and liberties.

3.   12th Grade Civics-This is a recent addition to the California State Standards requirement effective July 2000. Civics teachers are now required to teach the US Supreme Court case of Korematsu v. United States as one of a string of cases involving the civil and constitutional rights of individuals who have been historically discriminated based on the color of their skin or ethnic origin.

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