New! Poston Block Map Project

MANY THANKS to Bob Iwamasa (Poston II) who continues to help me with making a dream come true...

With Bob's numerous volunteer hours at the computer, we are attempting to put the Poston camp census and the database that I created from numerous sources and putting the names in their apartments/barracks/blocks.

The sources of my database are numerous: reading the Poston Chronicles at least 3 times searching for people's names and camp addresses, browsing through the first Poston Red Cross directory, "Mohaveland" (Poston III YBA Directory), the high school yearsbooks for camp II & III, old Poston reunion program booklets & mailing list directories, reading obituaries, and the Watsonville/Santa Cruz JACL newsletter edited by Mas Hashimoto, *multi-tons* of hours searching on the on-line NARA database, obtaining my own family's WRA records, emailing people, interviewing people, reading news articles on former Postonites, especially the recent honorary degree recipients, various internet webpages, including the California State University Fullerton Oral History project, California State University, Sacramento library special collection on Japanese Americans, Tulare County Public Library oral history, California State University Fresno Special collections on Japanese American Relocation, Fresno County Public Library oral history collection, University of California-Berkeley on-line photo archives, Arizona Historical Society website, various former Postonites books, and websites, and emails from total strangers searching for information about their family in Poston.  Also thousands of hours of research contributed by Tak Kohatsu (Poston I) using the FAR records and sharing with us.

I will be uploading the draft copy of the block maps as they are completed.

They were a *huge hit* at the April 2010 Poston III reunion. I received many valuable bits of information from everyone and have included them on these maps.
Because of the tremendous additional information obtained, I am starting with the Poston camp III block maps. I hope to have all of the camp III maps revised before the next Poston III reunion in April 2011 (week before Easter) in Las Vegas. (EVERYONE is invited to attend.)

NOTE: We have many names with their block numbers, but need the information on the barrack and apartment numbers before we can add them to the maps. If you have access to this information, please share!

The Poston Camp Block Maps blog is located at:

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