Oral History & Artifacts

The Poston Restoration videographing duo--Wayne & Heather Koga were in Central California this Memorial Day weekend to record more oral histories!

THANK YOU to the former Poston prisoners who recorded their stories with us:
Aiko (Tashiro) Takeda (305-7-D)
James T. Goishi (326-11-C)
Louise (Hayakawa) Sadahiro ( 305-11-D)
Toshiteru Sadahiro (308-6-A)
Carolyn Tanaka (307-3-C)
John Kashiki (328-5-B)
Satoshi "Fibber" Hirayama (227-2-A)
Fujie (Yamakawa) Robesky (325-6-D)

We learned much about the different lives and experiences of each individual who shared with us this past weekend.

Two were born in Guadalupe, CA
One was a senior attending the University of California-Davis
Two went into the Armed Forces (one of which served in the 442nd RCT in Europe, and the other trained as a surgical technician),
After camp, one married & played baseball in Japan for 10 years
One family's father was taken from Poston & put into the federal detention prison in Santa Fe, NM.

John Y. Kashiki was very generous by helping us fill our future museum with his donation of a set of drawers he crafted from produce crates, scrap wood, and Poston barbed wire posts using white glue while imprisoned at Poston III.

Fujie (Yamakawa) Robesky shared a scan of her preschool class picture at Poston III. Fujie is 3rd from the right in the front row. Kenny Uyeda is the 1st boy on the right standing in a sailor suit.

Do you recognize anyone? (Click on the photo to enlarge.) Please help us to identify the other young children or their teachers in this preschool class at Poston III.

Do you have any Poston items hiding at your home?

We are searching for more items for our future museum at Poston. If you would like more information about how to donate personal items such as a scan of old photos, letters, books, newspapers, handicrafts, etc. please respond in the "comment" section.

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