Film Crew Visits

June 2009

A PBS documentary film about Kristi Yamaguchi took the filmmakers to Poston where her father (a former Poston internee) and her mother were given a tour of the site by Ruth Y. Okimoto, from the Poston Restoration Project.

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9/12/09 More info re: PBS film

Konstantinos Kambouroglou worked with John Maggio and Julie Marchesi, who recently filmed at the Poston Internment Camp site for an upcoming PBS documentary. The PBS series is entitled "Faces of America" and features Harvard Professor Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. exploring immigration and identity through the family histories of celebrity guests.

Producer Leslie Asako Gladsjo and Konstantinos Kambouroglou, Associate Producer of Faces of America for Ark Media are working on the story of skating champion Kristi Yamaguchi and her family's experience during internment. Kristi's father, Jim Yamaguchi, spent his early childhood in Poston and her mother, Carol Doi, was born in Amache. They had not returned to Poston since, and agreed to do it with the filming company.

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