War Relocation Authority (WRA) Records

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The WRA collected personal information on all who were evacuated and relocated to one of 10 relocation centers during World War II.

These records may help to provide some missing information for your family tree !
•Person's name
•Assembly Center placement
•Relocation Center assigned
•Previous address
•Birthplace of parents
•Occupation of father
•Foreign residence
•Military service
•Public assistance or pensions
•Physical defects
•Age, sex, and marital status
•Year and place of birth
•Alien registration number
•Attendance at a Japanese language school
•Highest grade completed
•Language proficiency

NOTE: When submitting a request for copies of the record, list the name(s) of the internee. some people used several variations of their name. Some internees are listed by their Japanese name, others used their English name. Most younger internees used both English and Japanese names.

If you were born in a relocation camp, you can request a copy of your files, by filling out the form at:

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