DEADLINE: DEC. 31, 2014

TO MEMORIALIZE those who were
incarcerated at Poston, Arizona.
Order an inscribed brick with their name(s)
to be placed at the Poston Memorial Monument site.

Tell your friends and family....
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Then and Now: Recent gatherings of old friends.....

 (L-R) Amy N (305), Mary M (305), Hankus N (308), 
Lilyan N (305), and Mary H (305)
 BLOCK 305 GIRLS at Poston, Ariz. 1945
 (L-R): Mary M, Lydia N, Mary O, Mary H, Amy N, and June K
 (L-R): Nori H (305), Midori N (318), Larry I (308)
and Sammy N (318)

 BLOCK 308 at Poston, Ariz. 1945
 (L-R): Amy I, Ann I, Larry I, Charles I
  Block 305 
(L-R): Lilyan N., Ed N., and Ron N.
 BLOCK 305 at Poston, Ariz. 1945
Lilyan N. 
 BLOCK 305  Resettlement photo 1945
(L-R):Lily, Ron N and Ed N. 
Photo credit: National Archives 
 BLOCK 305  Resettlement photo 1945
Ed N.
Photo credit: National Archives
  BLOCK 305 Resettlement photo 1945
Ed N.
Photo credit: National Archives
 Seated (L-R): Mollie (305), Aiko (305), and Louise (305)
Standing (L-R): Herb A. (305), Rosie (309), Kenneth M. (309), Tosh (308), 
Hiko (327), Lilyan N. (305), Taye (305) and Frank A. (305).
BLOCK 309  Resettlement photo 1945
(L-R): Kaudy M, Kenneth M, Akiko M.  
Photo credit: National Archives

BLOCK 305  Resettlement 1945
(L-R):  Shigeko A, Frank A, Kenji A
 Photo credit: National Archives
BLOCK 305 Poston, Ariz. 1945
Front (L-R): Herb A, Gordon N
Standing (L-R): George N, Lydia N, Tamaji N, 
Wm K (camp 2), Lily and Ron N.


REUNION, Anyone?

Are you interested in attending 
the next Poston REUNION?

 Family, friends, and kids are welcome!

 Lots of helpers are needed.  Post your reply on "comments" below.


National J.A.C.L. Convention 2014-San Jose, CA

A short film clip of our documentary film project shown followed by discussion.
Poston Community Alliance table in the Exhibit Room
Our board members, Marlene Shigekawa and Robert Shintaku
Poston Block book information and DVD, "Passing Poston"
Our documentary film project article in the Pacific Citizen newspaper
Learning about the Poston, Arizona concentration camp.  
  His mother was evacuated from Huntington Beach, CA.  
We spoke with many others with relatives who were incarcerated at Poston, Arizona. 

Henry Kaku brought and shared his family's war-time photos.
 Pictured with our board members, Roberta Barton and Don Aoki.  Don identified his father in a photo of prisoners incarcerated at the Department of Justice internment camp in Bismarck, North Dakota. What a surprise and great genealogical find for Don!  How exciting!!!
Old pals reunite at the Poston Community Alliance table.
Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Norm Mineta came by even though he was not incarcerated at Poston, Arizona
Pictured with our board members, Dianne Kiyomoto and Don Aoki


Come and Meet Us!


    Visit with us at the 2014 National  J.A.C.L. Convention
 The convention runs July 9-12, 2014

 Doubletree Hotel
2050 Gateway Place
San Jose, CA 95110  

(Located less than 1/2 mile from the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport)

**See us at the EXHIBITION AREA:
Friday, July 11, 2014 : 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday July 12, 2014 : 8:00 AM-12 Noon