We are pleased to announce that the Poston Community Alliance has received a grant of $50,000 from the Aratani Foundation to help support our current projects, which include: our historic assessment; stabilization of the adobe classrooms; interpretive map of the Poston camps I, II and II; and our documentary film - For the Sake of the Children. These funds enable us to begin a process to develop a Master Plan for Poston's long-term goal of creating an interpretive center. 
 Please consider making a donation to help us complete our current and long-term goals. 

About the Aratani Foundation
George Tetsuo Aratani was an entrepreneur and successful Los Angeles businessman, who was incarcerated with his family at the Gila River concentration camp in Arizona. Before world War II, he met his future wife, Sakaye Inouye, through friends and she was incarcerated at the Poston Arizona concentration camp apartment 318-5-D.  According to Mrs. Aratani, she visited with George Aratani when she was sent to the Gila camp for dental work.

George Aratani was a generous contributor to Japanese American educational and cultural causes.  Together with his wife, Sakaye, the Aratani Foundation endowed the nation’s first academic chair at UCLA to study the World War II incarceration of people of Japanese ancestry and the postwar efforts to redress the injustice. The Aratani Foundation have sustained Japanese American cultural centers and museums, retirement homes and sports programs, Japanese American religious institutions, and supported Nikkei politicians of Japanese.


Poston Elementary School Site stabilization meeting

Pictures from today's all-day brainstorming meeting in uptown Oakland.

                      Special guest, Barbara Darden, Preservation Architect, 
                                              Scheuber & Darden Architects
                   Our project site: Poston Elementary School Buildings

   Brainstorming ideas on how to improve your next visit

         Reviewing the effects of the weather on each of the remaining structures
            Developing a list of the unique historical issues pertaining to Poston

                  Reviewing the fire damage in a few of the buildings

                             Prioritizing future individual projects

                Determining what work needs to be done to the grounds

  Using the experience & expertise of a qualified preservation architect

                           Planning for the future exhibits and displays

                         Ultimate goal: Improving your next visit to the shared 
                     desert home called Poston...


Celebrating New Year's Day

New Year's Day Fair Agriculture Exhibit

New Year's Day Fair Agriculture Exhibit

New Year's Day Fair Agriculture Exhibit

Camp 2 New Year's Day Fair Committee

Camp 2 New Year's Day Fair

Making New Year's Day pies

New Year's Day pies

New Year's Day basketball tournament
Camp 3 block 305 Mr. Kodama & Mr. Kiyomoto with mochi

 Mochi cooling