Recognize anyone?


In the background is the Poston Post Office in the center, 
and to the left is the Relocation Office Building.

 Photo shared by the Takahash Family of Poston 36-6-C


HELP! Photo identification needed for camp 1

We need your help....
 with identification of the people
 in the following photo:
Poston camp 1 Parish 3 
Sunday School Teachers
Rec. Hall Block 19.

(L-R): Hisako Sugioka, Rev. ______Yamamoto, Miss Erma Thompson, _______, Ruth Horikawa (?), Tad Shibata, Satoe Shindo (?), and Peggy Yamato.
Photo credit: Lilyan (Takahash) Hirohama (36-6-C)

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