Recent Board meeting

Here's a few photos from our recent Board meeting in Walnut Creek.  
We were joined by members of the Poston Memorial Monument Committee, as we discussed our two fundraising projects: the Poston Brick Campaign and the Poston Block Book Project.

...The Poston Brick Campaign will end...
...DECEMBER 2014....

Have you placed your order for a personally inscribed brick yet? 
---Need more information? Visit our Poston Brick Campaign blog page, listed on the left side of your screen under the heading, "OUR OTHER SITES"
--Curious about what Poston Block Books are done? Visit our Poston Block Book blog page, listed on the left side of your screen under the heading, "OUR OTHER SITES"
--If you have some personal PRE-1950 photos of the people who were at Poston which will be used in the block books, please let Dianne know. We are searching for photos to enhance the books. Contact: diannerd79 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Elite sponsors ($1000 on up) 
Will have an option to order on a double-sized brick.
Will have preferential placement of the brick, such as towards the top of the walkway up to the Poston Memorial Monument, if desired.

Do not miss this ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to pay tribute and include the name(s) of your loved ones who were unjustly incarcerated at Poston, Arizona from 1942-1945.


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Camp 2 Medical Clinic

Need some help with identifying people in this photo.

                                                 Unit 2 Medical Clinic Staff

Seated (L-R): _______, Dr. Henry Kazato (blk 227), Dr. Buntaro Okanogi, and Dr. Mits Miura (blk 207,dentist).
Ladies row (L-R): _______, _______, _______, Mitsu Shimotsuka (blk 213), Joan Fujihara, Mrs. Kikuye Mizuno (blk 207), _______, and Ruby Miura (blk 207).
Back row (L-R): ______, _______, _____, ______, Dr. Jisaku Kazato (blk 227), _____, and _______.