Do you recognize anyone?

                                                      2nd Grade Class
                                                     (maybe camp 1?)
Thank you to David Harris (the tall boy in the 2nd row) for sending this photo from 1944. David is the son of the Arthur L. Harris, Director of Education at Poston.  His uncle was Dallas McLaren, principal of the high school at Poston camp II.



Services for Mr. Susumu Mori (53-6-A)

Posting requested by family

 Mr. Susumu Mori (1926-2014)

 Poston camp 1, apartment 53-6-A
Evacuated from Holtville, CA

                        He passed away on Sunday the 2nd of February 2014, 
                        at the Keiro Nursing Home.

                                        Viewing: February 8, 2014
                                        Fukui Mortuary  7:00 pm 
                                        707 E. Temple St.
                                        Los Angeles, CA.  90012

                                        Funeral Service: February 15, 2014
                                        Evergreen Baptist Church of San Gabriel 11:00 am
                                        323 Workman Mill Road
                                        LaPuente, CA.  91746