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Taeko Joanne (Ono) Iritani
     Professor Heidi Kim, Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently wrote to us to report a very large and successful public event, which featured Taeko Joanne (Ono) Iritani, (Poston 19-9-C ), was held to open an exhibit created by Professor Heidi Kim's Spring 2012 English 88 seminar students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  
      Each student wrote an essay around a particular historical document from the World War II documents from the Sally Lucas Jean Collection in the southern Historical Location of the University's Wilson Library.  The papers focuses on the health care at Poston, using documents from Sally Lucas Jean, a Health Education Consultant to the Poston camp for 1.5 years.  Professor Kim reported that her papers provided " valuable insight into the public health issues and hazards of an overcrowded camp, as well as the daily life and experience of incarcerees and government workers there."

Click here to view the exhibit is here: http://poston.web.unc.edu

UpDate: 2011 Poston Legacy Reunion

Tak Kohatsu 59-5-C
Good news and finally --  The 2011 Poston Legacy Reunion books are completed.
It's in the mail!
As for the DVD, we're still encountering some technical difficulties.
Thanks for your patience.
Tak Kohatsu & committee


More progress....

                                  Photo courtesy of Jon Villalobos 8/22/2012


Edna Ishikawa (211-13-G) and Sherry
Photo courtesy of Troy Ishikawa circa 1944


Look at what's happening now at Poston

                           Photo courtesy of Jon Villalobos 

Does this look familiar?  Starting to look like the old tar--papered barrack!  The restoration work continues......


Saving Our Stories: Oral Histories

"Saving Our Stories: Oral Histories and Digitization of Former Poston Detainees and Staff"

A total of 62 oral history interviews were conducted, videotaped and digitized and transcribed with partial funding by the National Park Service's Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant program.

Our Interviewers: Wayne & Heather Koga, Carolina Kondo, and Caitlin Hawks.

The locations: Albany,  Alhambra, Arroyo Grande, Boise, IL, Bonita, Carmel, Chicago, IL, Dana Point, Davis, Dinuba, Fresno, Fullerton, Hacienda Heights, Jamul, La Mesa, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Los Gatos, Montebello, Napa, Parlier, Pleasanton, Riverwoods,IL, Rosemead, Sacramento, Salinas, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Spring Valley, Temecula, Torrance, Visalia, and Watsonville.

Former Poston detainees interviewed:

Paul Nagano
Clara Obayashi
Lillian Morizono
Seichi "Sam" Yamakawa
Misako Shigekawa
Robert Wada
Lloyd Mori
Fred Hatashita
Thomas Kurihara
Yukio Kawamoto
Tosh Sadahiro
Louise Sadahiro
James Goishi
Aiko Takeda
Carolyn Tanaka
Satosi "Fibber" Hirayama
Fujie Yamakawa-Robesky
John Kashiki
Craig Yama
Frank Oshita
Mas Hashimoto
James Tajiri
Takeshi Kohatsu
George Yoshida
Howard Okamoto
Lloyd Wake
Masami Iwasa
Ronald Sato
Ted Kobata
 Miyo Yamada
Bernice Ouye
Ben Segawa
Junichi Yamamoto
Its Endo
Tats Kuwahara
Michio Himaka
Hideko (Tsuida) Shimasaki
William Hamada
Tats Kuwahara
Jack Matsuoka
Sus Ikeda
Emi Yamate
Bob Oka
Aki Okuno
Marion (Nakamura) Masada
Sam Katano
Keigo Obata
Miriam and Shuki Hayashi
Kei Kurihara
Julie Downey
Roy Kakuda
Ken Kimura
Nellie Taniguchi
Pat Nagano
Ralph Fujimoto
Kay (Yoshida) Murakami
John Miyata
Henry Sasaki
Hanako Manaka
Mary Hino
Ken Maruyama
George Taniguchi




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