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Educational Video

Democracy Under Pressure Japanese Americans and World War II. 2000. 27 minutes.VHS.

Produced and distributed by the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego. Funded in part by the California Civil Liberties Public Education Project and the National Japanese American Citizens League Legacy Fund Grants Program.

Designed specifically for the classroom use, "Democracy Under Pressure" recounts the odyssey of over 2000 Americans of Japanese ancestry who were forcibly removed from San Diego, California during World War II. Prom the personal narratives of two former internees, the larger story of incarceration and the post-war return to the West Coast unfolds through historic photographs and newsreel footage. The video highlights this American tragedy and illustrates how our democratic experience is an on-going learning process. An ancillary teacher curriculum guide is also available.

Photo Books

War Relocation Authority Colorado River Relocation Center, Poston, Arizona 1942-1945, by TedCom Productions(1987) ASIN: B000WBKQX8

Memories The Buddhist Church Experience in the Camps, 1942-1945. 2nd revised edition. Eiko Irene Masuyama. Buddhist Churches of America Research and Propagation Committee; 2007.

Images of America Los Angeles's Boyle Heights. by Japanese American National Museum. Arcadia Publishing; 2005. ISBN 0-7385-3015-8

Images of America Japanese Americans in San Diego.
By Susan Hasegawa for the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego. Arcadia Publishing; 2008. ISBN 978-0-7385-5951-3

Images of America Japanese Americans in Chicago. by Alice Murata. Arcadia Publishing: 2002. ISBN 0-7385-1952-9


Former Poston Internees?

Need your help!

We are in need of names & contact information of former Poston internees who are willing to record their oral history. (The names of these surviving former internees will be included in our request for grant funding.)

We will schedule an appointment to record the oral history at a later date.

Dianne Kiyomoto, Board Member & Archivist
Poston Community Alliance, Inc. email: diannerd79 at yahoo dot com


National Trust for Historic Preservation

Preserving the Sites and Telling the Story of Japanese American Internment
By Amy Cole & Anne Gailliot
From Forum Journal Spring 2004

The National Trust helped fund a strategic planning workshop for the Poston Restoration Project, which included the participation of former internees, members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes, preservation professionals, and local residents. The workshop was facilitated by a Japanese American woman who uses words and illustrations to graphically record ideas, concepts, and relationships on large murals. This organizational development tool is new to many in historic preservation, but it was crucial to stimulating big-picture thinking and collaboration among diverse people now committed to a common goal.


Poston I Reunion Sept. 28-29-30, 2009

POSTON I REUNION SEPT. 28-29-30, 2009

A group of Poston camp I survivors is holding a final Camp One Reunion this coming Sept. 28-29-30 at Las Vegas California Club.

No formal program, no speeches, no souvenir booklet or photographs.
There will be an opening Mixer & a closing buffet banquet.
For gamblers there will be a slot tournament ($20 buy-in).

PLAN A. *Bus transportation, room, 6 meal tickets (per person), mixer, banquet, double occupancy: $205 each. (A1 - $235 single)

PLAN B. No bus, double occupancy, mixer, banquet: $165. (B1 - $190 single)

(*Exact bus pickup locations to be determined. Most likely a Los Angeles locale and South Bay).

RSVP EARLY--There is a need to get an approximate head count.

CONTACT: Aki Amano (310) 541-4680
Chico Iguchi (626) 280-3541
Sets Shinto (323) 721-1387
Haru Watanabe (310) 327-2596
Virgie Yomogida (714) 425-0901 cell



Recent Artifact Donations

Among the numerous personal items donated from the estate of George & Clara Obayashi are letters of their wedding engagement and Miss Clara's five-year diary.

The wedding of Miss Clara Tsuchiyama (Poston block 308-13-B) to George K. Obayashi (formerly of Poston block 53, relocated to Salt Lake City) on April 22, 1944 at Poston, block 54 Buddhist Church. The bride was formerly from Monterey, and the groom was formerly from Niland before the evacuation and relocation.

One of the five pages in Clara's wedding guest book.

Poston Red Cross 1st Year Membership Directory

Letter to the married Mrs. Clara Obayashi at Poston block  53-8-D.

Contact: diannerd79 at yahoo dot com