What a great photo find!

Thank you to Dana Yamashita for sharing this photo. 

 Dana writes, "I don't know if I have my dad correctly identified - but if you're looking at the picture he's the 2nd from the left...and his sister is 5th from right - Kanshi Stanley Yamashita and Iku Yamashita. Their parents were Kiyoo and Kikue and they had a younger brother Tetsuo, who was about 10."

Signatures of some of the people which was on the back side of the photo. 


Board members recent visit to Poston, Arizona

April 2017
Location: Poston, Arizona 

Poston Community Alliance board members, Daryl Brown, Nancy Takahashi, and John Guilday met with the contractors to discuss the brick design and installation at the Poston Memorial Monument and kiosk site.

Sid Arase (Poston  208-11-A) talking with Barbara Darden, preservation architect at the Poston Memorial Monument site.

Inspecting the barrack which we had relocated from the town of Parker back to Poston.